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Bees on Baby Blue - Burp Cloths Set

Bees on Baby Blue - Burp Cloths Set

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This set of 3 burp cloths is the perfect gift for anyone who is expecting or has a little one. One, they're adorable. Two, they're incredibly useful. Parents can use these when feeding their little ones, and kiddos also just love to hold these cloths and snuggle them. Plus, each set comes wrapped with a ribbon so it's ready to go as a gift. 

Each cloth is an adorable cotton print on one side and backed with a luxurious cotton chenille fabric making them incredibly soft and absorbent. They are top stitched so so that folding to store them or to pack them up in a diaper bag is an absolute breeze. Pop them in the washer and dryer on low to get them clean.

Each burp cloth is handmade and measures approximately 9"x15.5”.

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