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Safari Print - Paci Clip

Safari Print - Paci Clip

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In case you’re wondering, paci clips are amazing little tools that allow a pacifier to be attached to the clothing a baby is wearing. This means when baby gets upset and wants his/her paci, it’s easy to find and quickly soothe that sadness. You can also use paci clips to attach toys with tags, blankets with tags, anything else with a loop directly to the kiddo, car seat, whatever you want. These are essentially used to keep important items at an arm’s, or tiny hand’s, reach.


If you’re a parent/adult who already knew what a paci clip is, I apologize for the above description. Our audience is one who consistently asks me what the purpose of this item is, so I thought I’d break it down.


Our paci-clips measure approximately 8.75” from top to bottom. The fabric portion measures approximately 5.75”.


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